10 Benefits of a Regularly Updated Business Blog


  1. It’s Free: It’s a free way to market your business.
  2. It’s Trackable:You can determine how well your posts are doing by how many comments you get, and how many readers you have.
  3. It’s Storytelling: You get to tell the back-story behind your business. Everyone loves a behind-the-scenes look at their favorite companies!
  4. It’s Newsworthy: You are telling your customers what is happening right now and they love to hear what’s happening, instead of visiting a stale blog that hasn’t been updated in years!
  5. It’s Creative:You can tell your story in words, photos, videos, and other unique ways.
  6. It’s a Time-saver:Are you a business owner who is tired of doing all the Marketing by yourself with your never-ending to-do-list growing longer by the day? A blog saves time -if you can hire someone to do it all for you, which frees up your time to focus on doing what you love.
  7. It’s a Great Communication Tool: You can communicate directly with your customers and ask them questions and get immediate feedback!
  8. It’s Marketing That Works: The return-on-investment is very high with blogging. You’ll bring your customers to you instead of looking for them.
  9. It Brings Credibility:You will be an expert in your field when you give regular free information.
  10. It’s Valuable: You will be able to reach millions of people all over the world, 24 hours a day, and gives your business brand a voice.

Blogging onceĀ  or twice a year won’t work. For a blog to be a useful business tool – it needs to be updated several times weekly if possible.

Blogging is one of the (if not THE BEST) best ways to reach your customers, build your brand, find success in your business, and bring heart to your service.

Many of my clients have found success with blogging. You can, too.

Email today to take the guesswork out of it, and have your blog set-up and be maintained easily – freeing up your time to focus on what you do best.


“The power of blogging to reach huge audiences and prospective customers cannot be underestimated.

If you want your voice to be heard on the social web, you need to have a blog,” -Social Media Examiner

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