Pixieset: Your Photography Galleries Guide


Thank you so much for booking your photography session with Cloud9 Design Co. Photography.

Here is a guide on how to use your Pixieset Gallery.


Once we have completed your session, you will receive an email. This means that your gallery is ready for viewing!

Your password will be toward the bottom of the email.


When you have found your password, click ‘View Collection’.


Once in the gallery, you will be able to click on your images and view them larger.

The image numbers are located below the images once selected. You may use these for reference.

On the top, there are also icon options to heart or favorite your photographs.

You can also add photographs to your shopping cart as you view them. When you click the shopping cart option under each photograph, you will see options for Canvases, all sizes of Prints, Collections, and more.

You can click the icons to go to the ‘next’ and ‘previous’ photos.


You can share photos on Facebook or pin to Pinterest.



You may exit viewing this photo by clicking the ‘X’ in the top right corner. Once you are back to the home screen, look to the left.

On the left, below the large cover photo, you will see these icons.



You can easily make all your purchases of prints and digital negatives files through your Pixieset gallery.

Once you are done, you may keep shopping and you can press view cart once you are done.

There are many print sizes available for purchase through pixie set. Larger prints or specialty products may be ordered through us.


When an image is added to the shopping cart, it will show up on the top bar with the number of items in your shopping cart.


You can then click on them to view which images were added to the shopping cart.

If you want a photo album, I will ask you to favorite the ones you want in your album, and give you the album options, and place the order for you.


If you are instructed to favorite a certain amount of files, the heart on the bottom of the image is the ‘favorite’ button.




Favorited images are the digital files you have chosen.


Favorited images are the ones you like most

for your prints, packages, and family albums.


**If you receive files with your gallery, these files will be limited print release files: “Web Size”. This means that you can only print the files up to an 8×10 print size. DO NOT print files larger than 8×10 or they will turn out fuzzy and of poor quality.


You may purchase the “High Resolution” file or order larger prints through us on Pixieset.


Please remember that 4-6 hours of artistic photographic editing, cropping, and production time is included in the price of the digital negatives.

*This is like receiving the negatives if it were a film session. So these are more valuable than just ordering prints.

If you need custom packages with digital negatives and prints – please contact me and we can create a custom package that fits your family’s needs perfectly!

You and your family may return at any time to buy prints, so be sure to save your emails!

Please get in touch if you have any questions  at: amber@cloud9design.co

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