How To Take Soulful Photographs


Soulful photographs are full of heart and soul. They are the images that leave us breathless. They stop time, and hold a moment of beauty – frozen in time.

That’s what I love about photography. Photography is a way to preserve the moment you want to always remember. Photography stops time.


You can look back on moments and preserve your family history. You can hold a photograph in your hands and feel a tangible connection to both the past and present.


There are three tips to help you look for the perfect moment to take the photograph.

  1. Look for the pause – right before something else. The in-between. Magic happens in the pause.
  2. Look for emotion. A glance. A twinkle in the eyes.
  3. Look for beauty. Not beauty in the sense of the word – but beauty that makes you stop. A moment that catches your breath and intrigues you. Beauty can be found in unlikely places. Look deeper. Seek to tell the stories you see.

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